Charles Tennant & Company Ltd. recognized a need to further increase capacity and diversify operations to better service our growing international markets. In 2005, Charles Tennant & Company incorporated TC USA.

TC USA continues to grow and partcipate in our international growth.

TC USA inventories and produces 3000 MT of specialty chemicals.


In 2008, Charles Tennant & Company (Canada) Ltd., started its new joint venture mining chemical manufacturing facility in China, with an initial production of 10,000 MT of Xanthate. As of 2011, the plant capacity is:

  • 20,000 MT of Xanthate
  • 6000 MT of Dithiophosphates
  • 4000 MT of Thionocarbamate and Formates

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Prospec Chemicals

Prospec Chemicals was founded in 1983 through a partnership between Charles Tennant & Company and innovative entrepreneur. The partnership was based on the development of a new and unique method of Xanthate production.

Prospec Chemicals is situated in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. The location allows for the manufacturing plant to be in close proximity to a main raw material for the production of Xanthates. The plant was completed in early 1984 and had a first year production capacity of 250 MT.

The plant has continued to expand its capabilities and diversify production to include Thionocarbamates, Formates, Dithiophosphates and Specialty Chemicals to compliment Xanthate production.

Prospec Chemicals annual production capacity:

  • 8000 MT of Xanthate
  • 1000 MT of Dithiophosphates
  • 1000 MT of Thionocarbamates
  • 1000 MT of Formates
  • 4000 MT of Specialty Chemicals

Prospec is committed to the production of quality mining chemicals with attention to the highest standards of health and safety in the Work Place and Environmental Stewardship. Prospec Chemicals is an industry leader in these areas.