Charles Tennant & Company Ltd. has grown from a chemical distributor into a manufacturer of mining chemicals. Over the years we continue to grow our product line from Xanthates to our Specialty Chemicals.

We offer products for all aspects of sulphide and non sulphide flotation, as we continue to develop and introduce new reagents focused on providing:

  • improved performance
  • improved kinetics
  • improved grade
  • reduced reagent consumption

Charles Tennant & Company manufactures and distributes various:

  • primary collectors
  • specialty promoters
  • frothers
  • activators
  • modifiers


Alkyl Thionocarbamates

TNC 312 – Isopropyl Ethyl Thionocarbamate
TNC 411 – Isobutyl Methyl Thionocarbamate
TNC 412 – Isobutyl Ethyl Tionocarbamate

Alkyl Thionocarbamates were the first oily, non-water soluble chemicals introduced as a flotation collector. These oily collectors are kinetically aggressivewith unique selectivity

Di-Alkyl Dithiophosphates

6100 – Di Ethyl Dithiophosphate
6101 – Di Isopropyl Dithiophosphate
6102 – Di Normal Isobutyl Dithiophosphate
6103 – Di Normal Butyl Dithiophosphate
6104 – Di Sec Butyl Dithiophosphate
6105 – Di Isoamyl Dithiophosphate
6108 – Di Cresylic Dithiophosphate

Di-Alkyl Dithiophosphates were the second family of chemicals to be introduced as sulphide collectors. Water soluble chemical with flexible applications.


KAX 20 – Potassium Ethyl Xanthate
KAX 41 – Potassium Isobutyl Xanthate
KAX 51 – Potassium Amyl Xanthate
KAX 55 – Potassium Iso-Amyl Xanthate
NAX 20 – Sodium Ethyl Xanthate
NAX 31 – Sodium Isoproyl Xanthate
NAX 41 – Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate

Xanthates are water soluble alkyl collectors. First chemical introduced to the mining industry that was used to float most sulphide ores.

Xanthogen Formates

XF 20 – Ethyl Xanthogen Ethyl Formate
XF 31 – Isopropyl Xanthogen Ethyl Formate
XF 41 – Isobutyl Xanthogen Ethyl Formate
XF 51 – Iso Amyl Xanthogen Ethyl Formate
XF 54 – Amyl Xanthogen Ethyl Formate

Xanthogen Formates are Xanthate derivatives with unique flotation characteristics.
Xanthogen Formates are strong collectors of a sulphide minerals and have sulfidizing and mineral surface cleaning characteristics.

Specialty Collectors

Specialty Collectors were formulated to exploit the strengths and synergies of their basic components. These were created to target specific needs required by our clients and customers.


FLEX 20 – Enhanced Potassium Ethyl Xanthate
FLEX 31 – Enhanced Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate
FLEX 41 – Enhanced Potassium Isobutyl Xanthate
FLEX 51 – Enhanced Potassium Amyl Xanthate

FLEX Xanthates were designed with the goal in mind of making a collector with the qualities of Xanthate, while improving the kinetics, selectively with reduced consumption


PM 40N – Enhanced Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate
PM 40K – Enhanced Potassium Isobutyl Xanthate
PM 251 – Enhanced Sodium Di-Alkyl DTP
PM 252 – Enhanced Sodium Di-Alkyl DTP

PM Promoterswer designed to specifically target precious metal recoveries in poly metallic ores where conventional chemicals were not effective.


105, 156, 206, 208, 251, 1004, 1018, 3477, 6106, 6628, 6500, XDB3, XFBT, TNC156, TNC 312M

SPRI Reagents were formulated to optimize the best characteristics of the primary collectors and additives, to capitalize on their synergistic performance.